Xenia Naselou | About
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I’m Xenia Naselou, a freelance photographer based in Athens, Greece. I like using my camera to observe people, places and things I love.

I have participated in two group exhibitions in Athens, organised by the Focus School of Art Photography and Greece’s Sunday edition “Epsilon”, one of the most widely circulated Greek newspapers “Eleftherotypia”.

In January 2015, I was invited to exhibit my work at the European young contemporary photography festival Circulation(s), in Paris.

In 2017, I was commissioned by the French publisher Éditions Non-Standard to work on their annual publication UPO 2, in collaboration with graphic designer Rejane Dal Bello.

Recent interviews with Vice Greece and Popaganda.

You can drop me a line here or follow me on Instagram @xenianaselou

[email protected]
+30 698 3789212